Leaders of Innovation

Since 2008, Summonpress has created around 60 online projects, based on the trends and necessities of web users. Through SEO techniques, web analytics and following the constant changes of the internet, we have continued to create projects that amount to these brilliant figures.





30 millones

Monthly Pageviews (million)


Monthly Users (million)

What is Summonpress?


We follow the developments in SEO very closely to make sure that our websites reach higher positions and improved search engine positioning every time.

Web Analytics

Statistics, statistics, statistics and interpretation. By measuring the facts, we have the power and with this are able to formulate the strategy to ensure that our projects continue growing.

Web Projects

We are always looking out for what is new, and what it is that internet users need, so that we can continue creating more projects and increasing the list of projects we have in different topical areas.


We like to try new things, finding out what works and what doesn’t. The internet is constantly changing and we like to be in the midst of everything!

Interested in doing work experience with us?

Get to know the online world

Internships in Community Manager, Digital Journalism or Online Marketing are available. You will develop and acquire new understandings of the digital world.

International Agreements

We have agreements with many universities across the world. If you like the sound of Summonpress and want to learn more about the online world, we are the right choice for you.

Made to Measure Training

At Summonpress we will train you specifically for the role you are going to work in, training specialised to you, with the aim of deepening your knowledge on the digital world and how to keep up with its latest trends.

Internships in Valencia and London

Would you like to do a digital communication internship in London? This is your opportunity, granted by Summonpress and El Ibérico.